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VyprVPN was created in 2009 by the founders of Golden Frog, who are strong advocates of privacy and security for consumers. VyprVPN has been on the market for over two decades now. This VPN provider owns all of its servers and hardware. It operates in about 65 countries. There are lots of VPNs, while a highly recommended one is VyprVPN. Read more below and find out how it fits your needs.


  • User-friendly apps for many devices
  • Strong security and privacy.
  • Solid no-logging policy
  • Supports torrenting
  • Privately owned chameleon protocol
  • Fastest server and excellent speed
  • It unblocks unaccessible services and sites. Works with Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Self-owned server network
  • 24/7 live support chat
  • 30 simultaneous connections


  • The VPN doesn’t have browser extensions
  • It doesn’t contain the Smart DNS solution
  • It doesn’t have a cryptocurrency payment option.
  • Demands your name for registration
  • The iOS device lacks many features
  • Slow connection time

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Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows


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Vietnam USA Uruguay United Arab Emirates Ukraine Turkey Thailand Tajikistan Taiwan Switzerland Sweden Spain Slovenia Slovakia Singapore Saudi Arabia Russia Romania Qatar Portugal Poland Philippines Panama Pakistan Norway New Zealand Netherlands Mexico Marshall Islands Maldives Malaysia Macau Lithuania Liechtenstein Latvia Korea, South Japan Italy Israel Ireland Indonesia India Iceland Hong Kong Greece Germany France Finland Egypt Denmark Czech Rep. Costa Rica Colombia Canada Bulgaria Brazil Belgium Bahrain Austria Australia Argentina Algeria

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Vyprnvpn Review

A virtual private network, widely known as VPN, is an effective means to achieve privacy on the Internet. With a VPN, your internet traffic passes through a concealed space that nobody can see or find, including the governments, hackers, and internet providers. VPN’s disguise your internet protocol address and makes your online actions not tracked down.

Individuals use it to protect their online presence and their identities. Companies also use VPNs to connect their employers staying in a different location to a central online workspace. It is very important to use a VPN when connecting to the Internet since VPN makes your online presence invisible by acting as a proxy/stand-in.

You can also use VPNs while traveling because it helps you go online securely and privately despite the location. However, connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots like those in airports and cafes can leave your private information vulnerable. Hence, be careful when connecting. There are lots of VPNs, while a highly recommended one is VyprVPN. You can also find the review for other VPNs on our website.

vyprvpn interface

VyprVPN Overview

Speed 77Mbps
Data Leaks No
Cheapest Price $1.66/month over 36 months
Jurisdiction Switzerland
Logging Policy No Logs
Torrenting Unlimited
Servers 700+
IP Addresses 300,000+
Official Website VyprVPN.com
Countries 64
US Netflix Yes
Works in China Yes
Support 24/7 Live Chat

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Effortless VPN - From 7,17€/month

English VPN
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History of VyprVPN

VyprVPN was created in 2009 by the founders of Golden Frog, who are strong advocates of privacy and security for consumers. VyprVPN has been on the market for over two decades now. This VPN provider owns all of its servers and hardware. It operates in about 65 countries.

The need for the VPN arose when companies needed a protected and not accessible method to make communication and file sharing between several offices possible. They also needed to create a medium that allows employees to access necessary files outlying without risk of access to unauthorized users stealing sensitive data.

Comparison of VyprVPN with other VPNs

Here is a comparison table between VyprVPN with some other high rated VPNs

VPN service Overall speed rating  Average speed  Reliability  Netflix   Kill switch  Cheapest Price (CAS) Monthly
VyprVPN  7.0 44Mbps 8.5 Available Yes $5.00
Hotspot Shield  9.8 80Mbps 7.8 Available Yes $12.99
Proton VPN 9.6 60Mbps 10.0 Available Yes $8.65
Nord VPN 8.8 89Mbps 9.5 Available Yes $4.52
Express VPN 9.5 86Mbps 7.0 Available Yes $8.65

Features of VyprVPN

The following are the features of VyprVPN:

  • Chameleon protocol
  • VyprDNS protection
  • VyprVPN Cloud
  • Kill Switch
  • Public Wi-Fi Protection
  • Audited No Log VPN
  • 30 Simultaneous Connection
  • A high-speed Streaming
  • Access To Restricted Content
  • A high-End Encryption /NAT Firewall

vyprvpn features

VyprVPN Chameleon Protocol 

The chameleon protocol of the VyprVPN presents an obfuscation feature that defeats VPN blocking. VPN blocking is a growing problem in the world, mostly in countries where governments or institutions don’t want people to use VPN to evade restrictions. The chameleon protocol adds a bit of gild to the VyprVPN.

The protocol relies on OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit encryption as the base. However, it processes the signals and makes them obscure and hard to recognize by unauthorized users(hackers). The protocol achieves this by enclosing OpenVPN traffic behind the HTTPS encryption. So, the chameleon protocol is a good choice of VPN for restricted network situations.

VyprVPN DNS Protection

DNS converts hostnames into a computer-readable IP address which allows the computer to communicate with the desired host. It increases user privacy and overcomes censorship across the world. DNS protection serves as the man in the middle to prevent attacks when a government or third party redirects an online destination that you aren’t trying to reach.

The VyprVPN has a zero-logging policy. DNS server logs keep a perfect record of when and where you visit online, while VyprVPN DNS is a zero-knowledge DNS. So, Golden Frog never records hostnames, including hostnames found in URL.


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VyprVPN Kill Switch Feature

The Key switch feature of the VyprVPN automatically obstructs all internet and network traffic when VPN is disconnected. It is easy to use, spontaneous, and very effective. It ensures that your personal information and peer-to-peer traffic are kept private.

This feature is essential because some users mistakenly connect to the Internet without using their VPN. Sometimes, most people don’t even realize that their VPN is not connected. In these two cases, the user is unconsciously exposing their data. So, the kill switch now ensures that you never connect to the Internet without connecting to your VPN.

VyprVPN Public Wi-Fi Connection

Public Wi-Fi networks are a vital entry point for hackers; they lack basic security network measures. When you connect a device to a VPN, your web history gets encrypted so no one can access it via public Wi-Fi.

VyprVPN secures your connection everywhere so that you don’t need to worry about external protection. The VPN sends your traffic through an encrypted tunnel making it hard to figure it out.

Speed and Servers

VyprVPN ranks number 11 on the list of VPNs with the falsest speed in 2022. It claims to offer fast running speeds through 700 servers in about 70 countries. It has a starting speed of 70-50Mbps. It also contains a wire guard feature in theory which helps to increase speed. This VPN delivers a speed that is very fast for gaming, streaming, and uploads.

The servers are placed distinctively for effective unblocking. The servers allow stable connections to about 70 countries. The servers are also less susceptible to any external influence. However, it makes them highly reliable to know that the provider network has control over the functioning of its network.

Safety and Privacy of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a very secure and publicly audited virtual private network. It uses safe military-grade AES 256 bit encryption to guard your internet connection. This encryption has several protocols that take off your metadata to prevent VPN blocking, DPI, and throttling. It also has an automatic kill switch feature that prevents connection to the internet without a VPN and also a NAT firewall to block malware.

Several privacy tests have been run on this VPN, and it has been discovered that it has a transparent privacy policy that ensures that your data won’t be leaked to third parties.

VyprVPN Torrenting

It is a good choice for torrenting because it is packed with all the features needed for a smooth and safe peer-to-peer file sharing experience. It can offer a much more secure claim of privacy and anonymity than in the past. Without using it or even having connection logs on record, it is unable to provide any information requested by a third party.

This VPN was known for restricting torrenting on its servers in the past, but it is no truer because it now has enough intriguing characteristics that make it stand out for torrenting.

Valid no-logs policy, on discrimination between different kinds of traffic and torrent-friendly jurisdiction, is the characteristics that qualify it as a great choice for torrenting.

VyprVPN No Logs Policy

It doesn’t track or record its user’s activity while the user is connected to the VPN.  This feature was created to make sure that users all over the world will be able to rely on and come to experience privacy, security, and freedom through their services.

VyprVPN has been generally approved by an independent audit that summarized that VyprVPN logs zero personal information. Hence, it shows that they keep all information private. Your IP address, location, websites you visit, and personal data are never logged in.

High End-to-End Encryption of VyprVPN

It is the conversion of personal data to an unrecognizable form that others can’t analyze except those with the key, the recipient, and the sender. Encryption of your activities on the Internet is essential to stay secure online. VyprVPN allows high-end-to-end encryption of your data which helps to guide your information, such as browsing history.

These features also help to keep a safe connection. You stay secured from close observation by the government or hackers and sloops that want to search your data. It also helps to circumvent terrible network throttling and congestion.

This VPN is encrypted to the following traffic type:

  • TCP
  • DNS
  • UCP
  • HTTP

A High-Speed Streaming of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is the best VPN for streaming videos and content that are geo-blocked. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Prime Video, and other streaming services become very easy to access. It also helps to stream regional broadcasts that are out of the reach of your country and keep records of your favorite sport and games.

Smart DNS Functional Feature is not available in the VyprVPN

VyprVPN doesn’t have the Smart DNS function. However, it will be hard to connect the VPN with any device that doesn’t take native VPN apps, such as Apple TV, Xbox, and PlayStation. You can easily find other VPNs that have the Smart DNS function for such connections.

CyberGhost is one of the VPNs you can find that has the Smart DNS function, which is also useful with devices that don’t take native VPN apps. You can check our website today – VPNsaver.com – to see other VPNs that have this feature.

Devices Compatible with VyprVPN

The recent version of the VPN has a chameleon protocol that is not compatible with all devices. The following are devices that are compatible with VyprVPN 4.0:

  • Android 4.0 or greater
  • iOS 6 or greater
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • VyprVPN Router App

vyprvpn app

No Web Browser VPN Extensions

Unlike Private Internet Access VPN and some other VPNs having web browser VPN extensions, VyprVPN doesn’t have the extensions.

However, this feature is one of the most expected features for top VPN services.

Nonetheless, you can safely read up some of our reviews for other VPNs on VPNsaver to know the VPNs having this feature.

Below is the comparisons table of the VyprVPN compatible devices.

Platform Protocols Connect on Start-up Split Tunneling Automatic Reconnect Kill Switch Unsafe Wi-Fi Protection VyprDNS TAP Adapter Block Malicious Sites
iOS IKEv2 AES-256, OpenVPN AES-256, Chameleon AES-256 No No Yes No Yes No No No
Android OpenVPN AES-256, Chameleon AES-256 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
macOS IKEv2 AES-256, Chameleon AES-256, OpenVPN AES-256 No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Windows OpenVPN AES-256, IKEv2 AES-256, Chameleon AES-256 Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Android TV & Amazon Fire TV OpenVPN AES-256, OpenVPN AES-162, Chameleon AES-256 No No No Yes Yes No No Yes

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VyprVPN Streaming Devices and Games-Consoles

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Xbox
  3. Nintendo
  4. AppleTV
  5. PlayStation
  6. Chromecast
  7. Smart TV
  8. Roku

The VPN has an Android TV app that is usable with Razer Forge TV box, Nvidia Shield, Sony Smart TVs, and Xiaomi Mi Box. Additionally, it contains a good native Fire TV Stick app.

How to set up your VyprVPN Router

You can use your home router to set up your VyprVPN. When connected to the home router, you can connect several devices to the VPN at once.

VyprVPN also has a unique feature of maintaining a custom router app, which increases the level of usability. This feature is lacking in some VPN routers.

The VPN is compatible with other routers like Tomato flashed. Notably, there are some specific hardware requirements to consider when connecting the VPN to Tomato flashed routers.

Also, you can get instructions to follow in setting the VPN up with OpenWRT, Tomato, AsusWRT, and DD-WRT.

Pricing and Payment Methods of VyprVPN

VyprVPN is very affordable and has about four plans to suit your budget. It has plans for as low as $5.00 per month.

Standard Plan: a regulated internet experience on three devices simultaneously without a single third-party host in reach. This plan is only $9.95 per month and has a discounted price of $60.00 per year.

Premium Plan:  Chameleon protocols included and also help in defending your data on Amazon web services, Digital Ocean, and so on. It goes for $80.00 per year and $12.95 per month.

Business Plan: it makes it simple to manage your team through your VPN account. It also connects you to their global business server and makes you rest easy with a personal account manager committed to just you.

To open a VyprVPN account, you can use any of the payment options listed below:

  1. Discover
  2. PayPal
  3. American express
  4. Union pay
  5. MasterCard
  6. Visa
  7. AliPay
  • If you’re opening the account on a mobile device, you will have to make payments via Google Play or the Apple app store, depending on the device.
  • Please note that payments can’t be made using cryptocurrency.

VyprVPN Installation and Set Up Guide

You can find varieties of downloading options on VyprVPN’s website at the downside of the page.

You can also find the instruction guide for each device that is useful to set up the software.

To start the installation process, toggle the license agreement of the VyprVPN box.

The installation process only takes 3 minutes at max.

After the installation process, you will be taken to the main screen of the VyprVPN. The main screen contains all the connection information, including your chosen VPN protocol and a performance graph.

Immediately after the installation, the servers’ list is shown on another window side. However, you can choose from the list of the servers to pick your favorite. Your choice will be easy to find when you open the VPN next time.

You can also choose your preferred VPN protocol after the installation to complete the setup process. Check the instruction guide to know the best VPN protocol for the device you are using.

When setting up your VPN, choose either DNS servers of VyprVPN or a third party to route your web traffic.

Also, choose the server location of your choice to start a good connection.

You can always find everything to have a convenient connection on VyprVPN on the setup page. All the instructions are well written in English and very plain to understand.

Our Verdict

VyprVPN is a highly recommended VPN by our website because of its chameleon protocol, availability to all devices, affordable payment plans, and 24/7 consumer support service. You can also check other top-ranked VPNs on our website.


VyprVPN is known for its remarkable feature of chameleon protocol to ensure the security of the users. It also functions to make the virtual IP addresses look real. While it has its deficiency, you can always find it easy for a good connection.


Head of content

We at VPNsaver care about privacy both ours and others. We dig out information and insights on VPNs and as a result, create realistic reviews. Our ambition is to make thorough news and reviews on which VPN services to use. Read our news and reviews on VPN services and find out the perfect VPN service for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VyprVPN

There’s no doubt about the safety of the VPN; it is very safe and secure. An external company has audited the no-logging feature. The company runs its servers and endeavors to use all security protocols at its disposal. The chameleon, kill switch, spiteful web blocker, DNS protection features are all available for all VyprVPN users. The NAT firewall feature provides an additional layer of security layer for your VyprVPN connection.

You can cancel your VyprVPN account anytime you want to. Once you log in your information on the log-in page, check the control panel there for ‘Account.’ Once you click on it, you will see your account details and the payment plan that you are running. On the right side, click on services and, after that, you have to choose a reason for canceling the account, then click ‘Continue Cancellation.’ After this, you’re ready to cancel your account with VyprVPN. The only issue that you can have while doing this is trying to get a refund.

The VyprVPN cloud is an extra layer of security when using cloud servers. It is pretty annoying trying to configure a VPN, but it is effortless to set it up and even run it with the cloud feature. It gives you your server and IP address. It’s a solution solely for business, so the plan starts from about $349.00 per year. There’s an opportunity for a free trial for you just to see how it works before making payments.

It uses a strong AES 256-bit encryption by default, and it provides DNS protection, Chameleon protocol, and Kill switch features.

Yes, it does. OpenVPN Connect is an OpenVPN that is compatible with android versions 4.0 and newer.

A few internet service providers restrain access to their email server only to their IP address. When your device is connected to the VyprVPN, you appear to have a VyprVPN and not your IP address, so it hinders the IP of your email.

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