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SurfShark is a secure, reliable, and effective VPN service that entails high-speed communication and optimum security and safety. With 3200 servers, 65 accessible, and an 8.9 rating, they are a reliable option and well-suited to meet your VPN needs.


  • Smart DNS
  • No-log policy
  • User-friendly app
  • Effective Kill switch
  • Fast connectivity
  • One sub, Unlimited device connections
  • 24 hours 7 days a week customer support service
  • Fast server switch


  • Average speed test
  • Limited torrenting

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Surfshark Review

It is undeniable that the demand for more secure access to the interest has grown over time due to the rise in cybercrime and the desire for privacy. However, this has resulted in the rise of fake privacy VPNs. These VPNs cloak themselves in the pretense of being cheap and accessible. Still, their consumers are unaware that they are not only inefficient but also dangerous. Because they have insufficient funds, they instead sell their consumers’ data to third parties. They may potentially infect the user’s device with malware or other malicious software.

VPNsaver spent time researching one of the top VPNs for the year 2022 in this article. SurfShark is a secure, reliable, and effective VPN service that entails high-speed communication and optimum security and safety. With 3200 servers, 65 accessible, and an 8.9 rating, they are a reliable option and well-suited to meet your VPN needs. Our purpose in writing this article is to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to use their service.

surfshark interface

Our verdict

Surfshark is a good VPN that we believe will improve over time in some of its shortcomings. While its average speed capacity is a flaw, it nonetheless provides excellent privacy and security protection. Most importantly, they provide one of the most user-friendly services available.

Pricing and payment method

A monthly subscription costs about $12.95 per month. This price tag puts them amongst the list of the most expensive VPN service providers. But as we will see, they justify their price by the credibility of their service. Meanwhile, a long-term commitment comes with benefits. They offer a six-month plan at $38.94, which is $6.49/mo, and a two-year plan at $59.76, billed at $ 2.21/mo.

The two-year plan may seem like they shoved off the usual annual plan, right? But no. Rather, they introduced a novel pricing system that integrates the two-year and annual plans. What happens is that after your first 24 months, you’ll be billed annually but at the same price. It’s important to note that the two-year plan saves subscribers 83% and the six months 50% of their money, respectively. Added to the above benefits is that subscribers have a one-month (30 days) money-back guarantee. It means that if you do not want their service anymore, you have the right to a refund.

We can also consider their payment methods as some pros that come with using their service because they’ve made payment easier for various users. You can pay via credit cards, crypto, PayPal, Apple pay, Google Pay, and Amazon pay as well. As a reminder, before you dismiss Surfsharks as overpriced, keep in mind that they’ve been able to effectively make their services commemorate the pay through their trustworthy services and value-added advantages.

A quick highlight of these benefits include;

  1. Unlimited access to devices
  2. One month (30 days) money-back guarantee.
  3. No log policies
  4. 24/7 customer support service

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What makes Surfshack a good VPN?

Whether for commercial or personal use, a robust VPN is your best defense against hackers who, if left unchecked, will compromise your data. A VPN must meet specific requirements to be considered trustworthy. Techradar listed eight criteria that a VPN must-have to be considered suitable for use, but we’ll focus on the five most important. It should assist you in determining whether a Surfshark is one.

  • Kill switch

The number of servers and their locations: Surfshark has around 65 countries and 3200 virtual servers globally. It means you can have access to data that otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to access due to your location.

  • Smart DSN and mobile app:

The Surfshark mobile app can handle all of your VPN needs. It means you did not need a DNS to use their app. However, because some gadgets, such as smart TVs, are not VPN compactable, the Surfshark smart DNS is perfectly built to cover this.

  • Zero-log policy:

Complete privacy is one of the most important reasons people use a VPN, but not all VPN service providers guarantee it. Surfshark’s No-Log policy, on the other hand, gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to your privacy and security. We’ll discuss better on this later in the article.

  • OpenVPN:

Surfshark employs the use of 256-bit encryption ciphers. It is impossible to brute force this technology, which is considered the best encryption available. Surfshark’s security is now at an all-time high.


How fast is Surfshark compared to other VPNs?

It’s vital to recognize that VPNs typically slow down internet speed, which can be due to various issues. Distance to your server, server carrying capacity, and encryption power are only a few of these considerations. Additionally, keep in mind that performing a VPN speed test is not an easy operation. While the reasons above can significantly impact the speed of a VPN, other factors also come to play.

For example, Surfshark employs four different VPN protocols, meaning that the superior speed will vary depending on whatever procedure is employed.

VPNsaver, on the other hand, was able to obtain some speed test results that should give you an indication of Surfshark’s speed performance. Surfshark produced the following results for a test baseline of 300Mbps for both download and upload. The speed baseline test showed the following results for the different protocols.

Protocol Download Upload
Wireguard 262.6 198.8
Shadowsocks 253.5 166.8
IKEv2 219.8 38.5
Open VPN UDP 120.2 140.3
OpenVPN TCP 25.8 28

This speed test was carried out in other ten different server locations, with slightly variable results. Wireguard, for example, saw a 23 percent decline in downloads in Argentina, but only a 6 percent drop in other European nations, and so on. This speed test result backs up our earlier assertion that speed is strongly dependent on server distance.


Does Surfshark offer maximum privacy and security?

The encryption strength of a VPN service provider is crucial to its security. It gives the abbreviation its P; privacy and is the VPN’s most important goal.

Surfshark makes use of cutting-edge encryption protocols such as the undisputedly fast WireGuard, the mobile-friendly IKEv2, the well-known open-source OpenVPN –and, finally, the geo-lock bypasser wizard Shadowsocks. All three employ AES-256 encryption, which is widely regarded as the most secure and robust encryptor capable of withstanding brute-force attacks.

So how does this work?

Encryption is the process through which a VPN conceals your data and renders it inaccessible and unreadable. First, the client (app or browser) gets your request, encrypts it using AES-256 technology, and sends it to the server in the ciphertext. His server then communicates with the visiting site, decrypts the text, receives your response, encrypts it again, and sends it to the client, who decrypts it for you. Hackers may now attempt to intercept the transmission and receiving process. However, no known system has yet been able to decrypt the ciphertext of the AES-256 encryption algorithm.


Double VPN 

The double VPN, also known as the multi-hub service, is a vital benefit Surfshark provides to its customers. By linking users to two servers in two different countries, consumers get a double layer of safety. Even if ISPs or attackers can detect data traveling to a VPN server over this connection, they will not monitor traffic leaving the system; because the server used to accept instructions is not the same as the server used to receive responses. Although the entire Multi-hubs network is guaranteed to be fast, Surfshark advises against frequent usage, particularly when streaming, because this can slow down the internet.


VPN Obfuscation 

The VPN Obfuscation feature is among the newly added security feature to help further hide your identity. With this future, even your ISP won’t be able to tell you’re using a VPN.


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Is Surfshark safe for use?

An important question to always ask when choosing any VPN service provider should be your safety with them.

It’s not just enough to have a secured and private connection. What assures that you won’t fall victim in the hands of these providers to the exact threat you were running from? Surf shark has a couple of safety policies that guarantee the complete privacy of their users. These include their No-Log policy, RAMonly servers, etc. We’ll barely introduce you to some of these terms and how to try to affect you.

RAMonly servers

RAMonly server is an unpopular technology that few VPNs have access to. Our fundamental understanding of RAM should help us understand how this works. Because RAM is a temporary storage medium, all data on the server is automatically deleted when the service is turned off. It implies that even if your ISP requests your data or logs, possibly under the law, Surfshark will not provide it since it does not exist.

Kill Switch

Kill switch is a critical safety feature that every good VPN should have. With a kill switch feature, your VPN service providers instantly take you off the internet if an unexpected VPN disconnect happens. You must understand that these third-party assailants are always on the lookout for an opportunity to attack you. A short time away from your VPN, no matter how brief, is enough for a hacker or ISP to follow you. The kill switch logs you out of the internet quickly, preventing these third parties from gaining access to you. This function ensures your privacy as well as your safety.

No-Log policy

While your data is only exchanged between your VPN server and your client, what if your service providers use your log to gain illegal access to your data? Alternatively, they may even sell your data or give them out to any such third party.

The No-log policy of Surfshark comes into play here. Surfshark has a clear and readable privacy policy. They do not keep user logs, ensuring that users are not tracked. However, they acknowledged that it does save some data, but only to keep your VPN connection operational, after which it is destroyed. On the other hand, Surfshark wants users to make sure that local ISP laws do not compel providers to store logs, as they do not want to encourage breaking local laws.

Surfshark One

In addition to its VPN service, Surfshark provides extra security features. These features are not included in the VPN subscription; therefore, you must pay for them individually if you wish to use them.

The first is the Surfshark antivirus. At the moment, Surfshark Antivirus is only accessible for Windows and Android users (coming soon on macOS). It protects your devices from malware, viruses, and privacy-invading apps that run in the background. Antivirus is ideal since it protects you in real-time. This means that when you access files or use and install apps, your devices are secured. The antivirus also allows you to exclude files and folders from scans.

The second feature is the Alert tool. Surfshark will monitor your email addresses, credit/debit card information, and social security numbers and notify you if any are ever leaked in a data breach.

The last is in the search tool. It basically aims at giving users a safe and private search on the web. And because there is no filtering, you will only see organic results. This has just been improved and is now a lot less clumsy than before. These services cost $1.49 per month and can be added to your existing VPN subscription.


How efficient is Surfshark for streaming?

Surfshark streaming is not only possible but also efficient. When it comes to streaming, you’ll need a fast VPN to avoid having to refresh frequently. With the speed of a VPN determined by the number and capacity of each server, Surfshark’s 3,600 servers give you the advantage of streaming all of your favorite websites, including those that are geo-locked.

The fact that each server has at least a 1Gbps per port connection contributes to this efficiency. In places like the UK and the US, this amount can rise to around 2x10Gps per server. Overcrowding is avoided thanks to the high bandwidth, and users are afforded fast speeds and low latency. With this, you can be sure to stream 4K HD videos without worrying about buffering.

surfshark streaming

Can I stream Netflix?

With around 209 million subscribers, Netflix is a necessary streaming service. As a result, flexibility in using this service is critical for its customers, and any VPN that does not allow Netflix streaming will quickly lose public approval. The good news is that PCMag, Cnet, and TechRadar have all confirmed that Netflix is streaming smoothly with Surfshark. Also, Netflix has advanced VPN blocking technology, but Surfshark’s technology is well-equipped to deal with this. So relax and unwind.


We must realize that Surfshark has a strict policy against breaching local ISP laws, and they do not encourage users to do so. What a user does with Surfshark, on the other hand, is entirely up to them. One thing is sure: torrenting will be feasible thanks to Surfshark’s strong VPN safety and security, as ISPs can only identify VPN traffic rather than whether you’re downloading or not. You’re completely safe because they can’t break through the encryption.


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Compatible devices

The Surfshark client has a wide range of devices compatibility, including Windows, Macs, and Smartphones. While the Smartphone interface is more rudimentary than its PC equivalent, it gives customers access to everything they need.

Smartphone compatibility 

There’s no reason to be concerned about the surf shark’s credibility on a smartphone. Smartphone users get the same access to all of Surfshark’s features as PC users. There is a sleek white UI with buttons on both Android and iOS smartphone apps. You tap the large teal Connect button to connect to a VPN server, and the white screen turns to various colors of teal to signify you’re connected. Whitelist, Multi-hub, and CleanWeb settings are always available in smartphone apps.

surfshark competible devices


Surfshark has one of the most efficient support services.  The 27/7 online chat is always active, with an end-user to respond to you within minutes. You can be sure of prompt response to your complaints.


While other excellent VPNs are available, Surfshark remains a viable and trustworthy alternative for anyone seeking a VPN. Whether you require it for personal or professional use, you can rest assured that Surf Shark will meet all of your VPN requirements.

For additional information, go to their website.


Head of content

We at VPNsaver care about privacy both ours and others. We dig out information and insights on VPNs and as a result, create realistic reviews. Our ambition is to make thorough news and reviews on which VPN services to use. Read our news and reviews on VPN services and find out the perfect VPN service for your needs.

The Author

FAQ About Surfshark

Online games and streaming services are significant to young people; therefore, a VPN must ensure that customers’ access to these services is not hampered. A straightforward response is that yes, you can.

VPNsaver recognizes your issue, which is why we took the time to write this review specifically for you. A detailed examination of the speed test should reveal that using a Surfshark VPN will allow you to play your online game without difficulty.

All you have to do is create a new Surfshark account and then go to the proper app store to download your app. Once you’ve created an account, make sure you can use it simultaneously on all of your devices.

To ensure utmost security, Sturfshark has included two-factor authentication (also known as two-factor authentication).

Two-factor authentication (commonly known as 2FA) is a means to add an extra layer of security to your account. If you activate it, logging into an account requires more than just a password.

When you enable 2FA, you’ll receive a temporary code in your app or mailbox (you’re to decide which means is better for you). Your account will be accessible after you enter the code.

Your account will not be hacked using this method. Even if your password is stolen, the one-time code will prevent logging in.

Yes, they provide seven-day free trials for which you will not be charged until the trial period has ended.

It gives you the option to terminate your subscription if you are unhappy with their services.

Sturshark does not collect your information. They encrypt your request as soon as it is sent to them. This encryption makes it hard for anyone to even inquire about your log because it doesn’t exist.

Using a VPN on your router is an excellent method to secure your entire network, and yes, Surfshark can be used on a router. Surfshark’s support service provides a comprehensive tutorial that will assist you in setting up your router VPN service.

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