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  • Fast speed within a short distance
  • Excellent kill switch
  • Privacy policy with authenticated no-logs


Private Internet Access is the leading no-log VPN service. VPN services protect consumer privacy and security with the help of highly encrypted tunnels. Private Internet Access is a personal VPN service that allows you to connect to multiple locations. In 2018, former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpelès was named chief technology officer of PIA's parent company, London Trust Media. In November 2019, Private Internet Access was acquired by Kape Technologies.


  • Fast speed within a short distance
  • Excellent kill switch
  • Privacy policy with authenticated no-logs
  • Advanced and customizable encryption
  • Many server locations
  • All servers torrent is available
  • Large secure server network


  • Privacy policy not clear
  • No security audit
  • The streaming apps don’t operate with Smart DNS
  • Multi-hop connections are not available
  • Below average speeds over a long distance

General information

Year founded



Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows


English VPN finnish VPN French VPN Deutch VPN Italian VPN swedish VPN

Server locations

Vietnam Venezuela USA United Arab Emirates Ukraine United Kingdom Turkey Taiwan Switzerland Sweden Sri Lanka Spain South Africa Slovenia Slovakia Singapore Serbia Saudi Arabia Romania Qatar Portugal Poland Philippines Panama Norway Nigeria New Zealand Netherlands Morocco Monaco Moldova Mexico Malaysia Macedonia Macau Luxembourg Lithuania Liechtenstein Latvia Kazakhstan Japan Israel Isle of Man Ireland Indonesia India Iceland Hungary Hong Kong Guam (USA) Greenland Greece Georgia France Estonia Egypt Denmark Cyprus Croatia Costa Rica Colombia China Chile Canada Cambodia Brazil Bosnia-Herzegovina Belgium Bangladesh Bahamas Austria Armenia Argentina Andorra Algeria Albania

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Hide IP Kill Switch P2P Split Tunneling Zero Log

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applepay vpn Bitcoin credit card Paypal Visa

Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access, known as PIA, is a fast VPN with a larger server network and powerful security. It is a cheap VPN that has a series of features for security and convenient services. It is good for streaming and torrenting. It has the fastest speed when operated within its jurisdiction. Likewise, the no-log feature is another attribute that makes it stand with the top VPNs.

You can also check the review of other top VPNs on our website today – visit VPNsaver.

Private internet access interface

Private Internet Access, known as PIA, is a fast VPN with a larger server network and powerful security. It is a cheap VPN that has a series of features for security and convenient services. It is good for streaming and torrenting. It has the fastest speed when operated within its jurisdiction. Likewise, the no-log feature is another attribute that makes it stand with the top VPNs.

You can also check the review of other top VPNs on our website today – visit VPNsaver.

Private Internet Access Overview

Speed 98Mbps
Data Leaks No
Cheapest Price $2.08/month over 26 months
Jurisdiction US
Logging Policy No Logs
Servers 29,643
IP Addresses 29,643+
Official Website PIAVPN.com
Countries 78
Blocks Ads Yes
US Netflix Yes
Torrenting Unlimited
Support 24/7 Live Chat
Free version No

What is Private Internet Access? History of Private Internet Access Service

Private Internet Access is a VPN owned by Kape Technologies. It has its headquarters in one of the Privacy-unfriendly countries, the United States. Yeah, the United States has zero tolerance for the usage of VPNs.

However, you can readily trust Private Internet Access to protect your data and other personal details. Kape Technologies owes other VPNs which are trustworthy, which include ExpressVPN and CyberGhost VPN. Likewise, according to the company’s report, there is strong privacy provided, including no logs of users – they don’t keep users’ data.

Even though this VPN has its headquarter in the United States, one of the privacy-unfriendly regions, you can still trust the policy of Private Internet Access’s company. It has a privacy policy that users can easily rely on.

According to history, London Trust Media Inc. handed over Private Internet Access (PIA) to Kape Technologies in November 2019. However, there has not been a single complaint of taking the user to court for using the VPN. It is user’s privacy-friendly.


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The Private Internet Access VPN Kill Switch Features

The Kill Switch feature is an important feature for any good VPN service. The Private Internet Access’s Kill Switch helps stop leakage of IP addresses whenever there is a drop in connection when browsing. This special feature works perfectly on all the compatible devices and platforms, such as macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. This VPN is exceptional since it can work on iOS devices perfectly, while some other iOS-compatible VPN apps don’t have such a feature.

Under Private Internet Access’s Kill Switch, there exist three modes, which include “Always,” “Off,” and “Auto.” The “Always” function will make sure you don’t make a connection to the internet before the time you launch your VPN. However, the “Always” function is only available on macOS and Windows. Also, the “Auto” function in the Kill Switch will make sure your network is never bridged during connection.

Server Comparison Table of Private Internet Access to Other VPNs

Below is the table showing a comparison between Private Internet Access and other top VPN services.  The table shows their Server Network comparison.

VPN Service No. Of Countries No. Of Servers Average No. Of Servers Per Country
Private Internet Access 78 30,000 385
CyberGhost 91 7,000 77
IPVanish 57 1,400 25
ExpressVPN 94 3,000 32
NordVPN 60 5,000 83
HMA 210 1,100 5

Private Internet Access Speed

Notably, VPNs generally slow down the browsing speed when connected to the internet. Although Private Internet Access has also been the fastest VPN before, its current speed rate has lessened. However, it is still currently fast when on a nearby server. When connecting Private Internet Access to a long distance, it performs very little than expected. However, its speed rate will still be enough for torrenting, web browsing, and streaming of videos.

Private Internet Access’s international speed rate is much lower than some top VPNs, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. When connected to the US server as a local connection, the speed rate is 98Mbps – super fast! When connected to an international server, a long distance, the speed rate is measured as 26Mbps.

However, to get a good speed when connecting through the Private Internet Access VPN, select “Choose Automatically.” The server will automatically be picked for you with the full assurance of fast speed.

Private Internet Access Safety and Privacy

Private Internet Access has strong network settings with a good interface. Likewise, it has functionality that you can use to configure the app to suit what you desire – the Myriad settings. Also, its speed over a collection of servers is used to secure the user. The VPN can connect to different servers simultaneously, causing it to be hard for data to leak out.

However, one needs to be careful about this VPN since there is no clear transparency and clarity in its privacy policy on its security. Also, they need to improve on their third-party audit, which will reveal everything about the security of the user. Hence, there is a need for improvement in the security of the VPN. Other VPNs countries have a clear cut from their privacy policy on the security of the users.

Private internet access app

Private Internet Access Torrenting

Torrenting through Private Internet Access is excellent. The following are the features that Private Internet Access to make torrenting easy:

  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • Port-forwarding,
  • No-logs policy, and
  • Fast upload speeds.

All these features help to increase the number of people you can communicate with as your torrenting peers.

Private Internet Access gives room for peer-to-peer as well as sharing of files activities on its servers. Also, Private Internet Access is all general torrent client compatible. This is compatible with Transmission, Deluge, BitTorrent, and uTorrent.

During torrent, the built-in Private Internet Access’s ad-blocker (MACE) helps avoid malware and trackers that might want to surface. Private Internet Access may not have any peer-to-peer server dedicated to it, but you can torrent from any location. All you need to do is connect to any available server near you and start torrenting – no limits and bandwidth.

VPN Protocols Supported by Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access supports WireGuard and OpenVPN. However, this is supported on all compatible devices of Private Internet Access.

OpenVPN is widely known for its open-source, which the VPN use to create an encrypted connection. However, WireGuard is similar to OpenVPN but with more advanced technology to perform much better. Unlike OpenVPN, WireGuard is not well known to many people, that been in existence for a long.

Hence, the VPN protocols majorly supported by the Private Internet Access VPN are WireGuard and OpenVPN. However, the IKEv2 protocol works with an iOS app of Private Internet Access only, which is great.

Private Internet Access No-Logs

One of the special features of this VPN is that it doesn’t keep the log-in of its users. Private Internet Access is one of the few VPNs that offer such a service. You can have your full confidence in it because it keeps no server data, session, and connection. It is safe and doesn’t link IP address, location, or any other information. You can be sure that you are not being monitored.

In the VPN’s privacy policy, it is well stated that things done by users are “not recorded, stored, or logged.” This can help users have the rest of mind that they’re not being monitored.

The Private Internet Access VPN doesn’t request your payment details and emails to sign up for their service. And yes, the reverse is the case for some other VPNs!

Comparison table of Private Internet Access with other VPNs (Privacy Rating)

Below is the comparison table on key metrics between Private Internet Access VPN and other top VPNs.

VPN Service Privacy Rating Logging Policy Independently Verified Jurisdiction
Private Internet Access VPN 9.9 No Logs Yes United States
PrivateVPN 9.5 No Logs Yes Sweden
Surfshark 9.7 Connection Logs No British Virgin Islands (BVI)
ExpressVPN 9.6 Connection Logs Yes British Virgin Islands (BVI)
NordVPN 9.5 No Logs Yes Panama


Private Internet Access Encryption

Private Internet Access is a highly encrypted VPN. It also gives the full detail of all the encryption details, including the protocols and algorithms used during the process. There are options under the VPN to select your preferred choice on the encryption settings. You can then configure the settings to what you best desire.

As mentioned earlier, Private Internet Access works with OpenVPN as the VPN protocol that it supports. In the default mode, Private Internet Access encrypts your internet connectivity with AES 128-bit and OpenVPN. However, you can change the setting of your encryption, which includes AES-256 (GCM or CBC).

Also, you can encrypt your connection when your device connects to have a verified authenticity with the server to transfer data. Private Internet Access has the best and powerful encryption option due to the available levels of encryption it contains.

You can best encrypt your VPN with this configuration:

  • Handshake – RSA-2048
  • Data Encryption – AES-256 (GCM)
  • VPN Protocol – OpenVPN UDP

Other features of Private Internet Access that make it secure are:

  • A private browser,
  • Split tunneling,
  • SOCKS5 encrypted proxy,
  • VPN kill switch, and
  • An ad-blocker.

Private Internet Access Compatible Devices

You can easily use your Private Internet Access on ten devices at a time.  Also, Private Internet Access gives a specific outlook for each vital platform that it works with, such as iOS, macOS, Windows, Fire TV, and Android.

The compatible devices are listed below.

Private Internet Access Apps

Private Internet Access can be used on the following platforms:

  1. iOS
  2. Windows
  3. Android
  4. Router
  5. Mac
  6. Linux

Private internet access devices

Below is the comparisons table of the devices that are Private Internet Access compatible.

Devices Always On Proxy Private Internet Access MACE Port Forwarding Split Tunneling Protocol
iOS No No Yes No No OpenVPN, WireGuard, IKEv2
macOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes OpenVPN, WireGuard
Android Yes No Yes Yes Yes OpenVPN, WireGuard
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes OpenVPN, WireGuard


Private Internet Access for Windows

The Windows App of Private Internet Access gives the best features and balance performance.

This Window App has an easy installation package. It displays a simple interface to start a connection when opened. The simple interface will enable you to connect to the server of your choice for proper connectivity. Likewise, from the main menu settings, you can access your virtual and real IP address.

Other features are accessible by the Window app experts. Part of the features is opening a wide range of settings. You can view the quantity of data used during the internet connection with the VPN. You can also activate and deactivate the snooze feature on the VPN through a wide range of settings. Also, there is a chance of knowing the performance measure of the VPN.

Notably, the VPN Window App only supports WireGuard and OpenVPN from the VPN protocol’s range.

Private Internet Access for macOS

The macOS App of the Private Internet Access is just a bit below the functioning of the Windows App of the VPN. However, it is somehow frustrating in its usage.

The default state of the macOS App when launched is the menu bar app. This shows the inconvenience attached to the usage of the VPN app on macOS since it doesn’t launch from the spotlight. Likewise, when you remove the menu bar, the shortcuts to the traditional keyboard will be useless.

Part of the issues users face when using the macOS PIA app is the slow operation and loading. The macOS PIA app takes 3 seconds to load when run on a Windows app.

However, the Private Internet Access macOS app is very cool to use when all the problems are less regarded.

Private Internet Access for Android

The Android application of Private Internet Access is the best app from the list of the other mobile apps of the VPN. The Android application of the VPN offers advanced features which are very easy to use. Also, there are varieties of options to configure the app under the Private Internet Access Android app.

You can readily make your VPN connection by tapping the connection button on the white interface of the app. Likewise, there will be a display of varieties of servers when you tap your server location. Also, the app will always display your most preferred server on the top of the list as the favorites system.

There are other configuration settings that users can easily access on the Android App when used effectively. However, the supporting system is there for users to explore to know much more.

Private Internet Access for iOS

The iOS application of the Private Internet Access is very similar to the Android App of the VPN. They have the same connecting button, streamlined interface, and location list.

Additionally, there is a wide range of VPN protocols that the PIA iOS app can choose from. They can easily pick from WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN, or IPsec and switch between them.

The app also has the Kill switch feature, encryption setting, DNS server changer, and custom port which users can easily custom to their desire.


Private Internet Access Streaming Devices and Games-Consoles

  • PlayStation
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox
  • AppleTV
  • Nintendo
  • Chromecast
  • Roku

Gamers and Streamers will find joy in using Private Internet Access as a VPN. During gaming or streaming, the Private Internet Access VPN is fast. Also, it has no IP leaks or DNS. These things are essential in keeping your privacy and security.

Private Internet Access Browser Extensions

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera

There are browser extensions in Private Internet Access for Opera, Chrome, and Firefox.

You can readily connect to your Private Internet Access VPN server through your normal web browser. This process is also secure, which you can also hide your IP address and you unreachable for trackers and government personnel.

However, your device activity is not safe under the browser extension. It can only monitor the activities carried out in the browser and not for the whole device.

Private Internet Access Streaming, Gaming

Though Private Internet Access is not part of the best streaming VPNs, it is cool for streaming. Though it may be hard, you can stream from both BBC iPlayer and US Netflix. Streaming from both ends might be hard because you will have to keep searching for the server that accesses them.

Also, Private Internet Access is not good enough to stream PS4 and Smart TV. It cannot access them because of the faulty Smart DNS in the VPN. One of the benefits of this VPN is that it can easily access US Netflix, unlike the other VPNs.

Additionally, Private Internet Access can now access and stream Netflix libraries of other countries, such as Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and the UK. However, for a convenient streaming service, connecting with the “Streaming Optimized” servers is best.

Private Internet Access can also stream the following:

  • UK Video Content
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • HBO Max

Streaming Comparison of Private Internet Access with other top VPNs

VPN Service Streaming Rating US Netflix Smart DNS BBC iPlayer No. of Netflix Libraries
Private Internet Access VPN 9.0 Yes No Yes 6
Surfshark 8.8 Yes Yes Yes 31
NordVPN 9.8 Yes Yes Yes 20
ExpressVPN 9.9 Yes Yes Sometimes 19
PrivateVPN 8.9 Yes No Yes 32


Subscription pricing of the Private Internet Access VPN

Currently, Private Internet Access is one of many VPNs that have the best pricing. In their pricing plan/list, it is the 3-year plan that has the best value. The 3-year plan comes with a 3-month free bonus and 83% saving on the first month’s subscription. The 3-year plan only costs $2.03 monthly, while the normal monthly subscription costs $11.95.

The subscription of Private Internet Access has three main types of subscriptions which a customer can subscribe for. The subscription is monthly, yearly, and 3-year (36 months). Their subscriptions rate are outlined below:

PLAN Pricing per month Percentage saving Pricing per subscription Bonus
Monthly $11.95
Yearly (12 months) $3.33 72% $39.95 (yearly)
3 years (36 months) $2.03 83% $79 (3 years) Extra 3 months (making 39 months) for the first subscription

The Best part is the 30-day subscription guarantee that comes with the VPN. This pricing list is one of the best you can ever get when getting a VPN.


Private Internet Access Payment Methods

Here are the payment methods offered by Private Internet Access:

  • Bitcoin
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • UnionPay

Private Internet Access Payment Refund Guarantee

Though Private Internet Access doesn’t have a free version trial, it has a money refunding guarantee of 30 days. You can readily stop the VPN subscription for a full refund within 30 days of making a subscription purchase. From the support team of Private Internet Access, you can readily ask for your refund.

Pricing Comparison between Private Internet Access VPN and other top VPNs

Below is the comparisons table for Private Internet Access with some other top VPNs. The table shows the details of their pricing, free trial period, and refund policy.

VPN Service Price & Value Rating Refund Policy Free Trial Period Cheapest Monthly Cost
Private Internet Access VPN 9.0 30 Days 7 Days (Mobile Only) $2.08
NordVPN 8.0 30 Days 7 Days (Mobile Only) $3.30
Surfshark 9.5 30 Days 7 Days (Mobile Only) $2.49
ExpressVPN 7.0 30 Days 7 Days (Mobile Only) $6.67
PrivateVPN 9.5 30 Days 7 Days $1.98


Private Internet Access Support

Private Internet Access provides full support for its users. There is 24/7 live chat support for their customers. Likewise, there are guides made available online for customers to reach at will anytime. Also, email support is available under their support system.

Features of their supporting system:

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support system,
  • Online Resources, and
  • Email assistance.

Online support is top-notch and exciting.

Their online resources contain everything needed to safely install the app on customer devices and every other thing.

Their online resources also cover any program you tend to have while using the app and how to overcome them. Just for the sake of more clarity on any issue, there is also 24/7 live chat that customers can readily lay hands on.

Their agents are knowledgeable and give responses to your questions as fast as possible.

Likewise, under their support handle, you can get details on updates of their apps and any other service issues.

Conclusion and Feedback

Private Internet Access is your best option when considering a VPN with good security and performs at a fast speed. With it, you can always get your Private Internet Access at a very cheap price. It is a VPN with excellent technical options that secure your privacy.

The VPN has a kill switch option, an accurate no logs policy, a peer-to-peer friendly server, and is suitable for torrenting. It is also good in unblocking Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and US Netflix.


Head of content

We at VPNsaver care about privacy both ours and others. We dig out information and insights on VPNs and as a result, create realistic reviews. Our ambition is to make thorough news and reviews on which VPN services to use. Read our news and reviews on VPN services and find out the perfect VPN service for your needs.

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Private Internet Access doesn’t store the VPN usage information of its users. The VPN has a strict no-logs policy that is 100%. We can readily tell you that no matter your bandwidth usage, connection, or browsing activity, the VPN doesn’t take any of it into account.

The Private Internet Access VPN allows torrenting on all their servers.

Private Internet Access gives its users new IP addresses while hiding the actual IP addresses every time they connect. The VPN gives its users a secure browsing experience on their devices. It is used to hide the actual location of users when connected to the internet.

On your Private Internet Access VPN, you can connect up to 10 devices at once. In a rare case, you will find other VPNs with such a feature. However, some other VPNs don’t limit the number of devices that can connect simultaneously, like Surfshark and Windscribe. You can check their reviews on our website.

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