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We have made great strides in the direction of internet security. Not only do we have better tools to ensure our online privacy, but the internet users themselves are better educated on the topic and actively take steps to guarantee their digital safety. But despite the hopeful picture, staying safe online is still a huge challenge, even for the users who are aware of the problem. Here’s why you still need to have a VPN in 2022.

Your Internet activity is not as private as you may think.

Your internet activity is still not fully private. While it’s true that random users can’t just look at your internet activity, your internet service provider (ISP) and Wi-Fi network operator still can. They can see your internet activity, which apps you use, and for what.
The only way to get around your ISP and Wi-Fi network operator seeing your online activity is still through a VPN. When you use a VPN, all that data is encrypted and protected, keeping your identity as well as your browsing history and internet activity safe. Keep in mind that a good VPN, should also guarantee not to store your data or activity logs, otherwise, the whole purpose of having a VPN is defeated.

Your apps and browsers are not fully protected.

These days majority of the websites are safe and browsers have some tools and alerts to ensure users don’t visit dangerous websites. But still, there’s a chance that the website won’t have HTTPS, or your browser will connect to the wrong endpoint, or the apps you’re using will not have any protective measures in place. To put it shortly, even though we have made great progress towards increased online security the threats are not by any means eliminated. This is why having a good VPN, can save you from a lot of trouble and risky situations online.

Our daily lives revolve increasingly around the internet

We are increasingly dependant on the internet in our daily lives. This means that we also use the internet almost everywhere we go, in our offices, on vacation, while having a coffee at the nearby restaurants. This means that we are also forced to use public networks – one of the biggest threats to online security. Pubic networks are vulnerable to attacks by hackers, that could easily access all your data, passwords, personal information and etc. When you have a VPN on all your devices, you can increase your protection even as you use public networks. You will feel safe browsing the internet any place and any time.

Importance of having several layers of protection

While the VPN is a very strong defense against security and privacy breaches, it is not 100% guaranteed protection against the various risks that we all encounter when browsing online. Tech experts advise having multiple layers of protection on your devices, so you can maximize your online privacy and protect your data as much as possible. Besides the VPN, you can also resort to using safer browser options, upping the protection on your mobile devices, and generally, prioritizing your online security every step of the way. It’s all about covering all your bases so that you can truly enjoy the feeling of safety when browsing online.

While the fact that we have to protect ourselves against so many threats online, is definitely concerning, luckily we have a lot of tools that are readily available to those who know about them or are willing to learn how to use them. While we can easily say that VPN is a foundational element of online security, having all the other additional security tools in place can protect you and your data considerably better.

A lot of people may be hesitant to go through so many tools and apps to ensure their information is safe online because they believe that they have nothing to hide. But in all honestly, ensuring that your data stays private is not just about hiding, it’s about getting what is rightfully yours – the right to browse the internet and use your electronic devices while also protecting your personal data, financial information, account details and so much more.


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