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Free items are always tempting. Sometimes we grab free stuff even if we don’t need it. So, having a free premium VPN service sounds like an attractive deal.

But as people say, good things rarely come for free. Its true especially when it comes to online services. You may see tons of cracked and modded VPN copies circulating on the web; downloading them will do you more harm than good. 

Is it safe to use, and does it actually protect you? This article will assist you in answering these questions and making the best decision possible.

What is a Cracked VPN?

A cracked VPN is a free online version of a premium VPN service that has been pirated. It pretends to be genuine by providing an activation code. However, it is either fake or illegal.

How is a VPN Cracked?

When a user searches for “download VPN crack”, “private internet access cracked”, or “cracked VPN accounts” on Google or any search engine.

The results are full of websites offering Free VPN Account Generators or providing crack files for the actual VPN, which can be pasted into legitimate VPN installed files. 

Some websites provide free stolen VPN activation or license keys that can be entered into the actual VPN to make it premium.  

According to Forbes:

A text editor is all you need to crack a piece of software, one that can edit hexadecimal values into binary. Cracking a piece of software ultimately boils down to overwriting a few choice bytes in a binary”.

Some groups are also repacking VPNs on the Internet, which are available for free as an APK.

Why you should NEVER download a cracked VPN

Many websites and individuals on forums offer links to free downloads of cracked VPNs. For instance, an ExpressVPN or NordVPN crack file might be said to work just as well as the full-fledged premium software without paying the subscription fee. These kinds of assurances and offers, on the contrary, are a rip-off

Even if you get the cracked VPN for free, you will pay for it in other ways, such as compromising your security and privacy

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand this, and they fall for such scams.

Risks involved with Cracked VPNs

Such cracks are usually available from dodgy download websites or torrenting spots. So, they may contain unwanted surprises. 

They are a convenient way to get viruses, spyware, or adware onto your device. When you download a cracked VPN app, you download malware instead of obtaining protection.

Stolen VPNs

Some users want to save a few dollars and buy stolen VPN accounts. Cybercriminals snatch those by guessing weak or reused passwords of careless users or using stolen credential databases for credential stuffing attacks. Then they sell them to others.

Stolen VPNs entirely depend on the legitimate user. You can never be sure how long a subscription will last. 

Users can contact customer support if they notice something suspicious, or they might change the password, and you will immediately lose your almost free ride

Should you get a Cracked VPN

Don’t try saving a few pennies at the expense of your safety and privacy, as it will most likely cost you way more. Anything free, you are the product.

If you don’t want trouble but still wish to use a VPN, you can get a free one or purchase a premium VPN service

We must keep this in our mind that free VPNs are not that free, and usually, you pay with your data. Therefore, it is always advised to buy subscriptions directly from the vendor.

VPNsaver helps you in choosing the best VPN for your needs and budget. 


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