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  • Very secure VPN, with impeccable encryption levels.
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  • An absolute zero log privacy policy.


Online privacy is fast diminishing as the internet age progresses. From governments to internet service providers, down to private individuals with the right skillset, anyone can peek into and monitor your privacy.

There’s also the issue of geographical restrictions – there’s a range of interesting content out there, but you may be unable to access it because of your geographical location. Websites, social media hubs, streaming services, and other entertainment options are affected by these policies.

So, in a fast progressing world, why limit or expose yourself when you have access to mechanisms that offer you protection and internet freedom? If you’re just getting enlightened, then you need the right VPN as your guide and protector.

Are you considering ExpressVPN? After all, it’s one of the top choices for 2022. If you are, then chances are you need honest and reliable information about this VPN provider. Well, you can completely rely on VPNsaver’s reviews – they’re tested and trusted, and we’ll consider the advantages, flaws, prices, and features of ExpressVPN. So let's get right into it!


  • Very secure VPN, with impeccable encryption levels.
  • Access to streaming sites.
  • An absolute zero log privacy policy.
  • Fast internet speed.
  • Fast internet speed.
  • Flexible compatibility with different software.
  • Simple user interface.


  • Expensive subscription plans.
  • The kill switch isn’t available to iOS users.
  • Streaming features such as the Fire TV Stick app need frequent updates.
  • Absence of multi-hop features.

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ExpressVPN Review

An Insight into ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN is one of the largest internet providers on the globe, and it was established in 2009. As such, it’s had a decade and some to develop on some of its features.

Its parent company is located in the British Virgin Islands, where there are user-friendly privacy laws. This means that your data is safe with ExpressVPN, and it’s at no risk of being mandated to produce information about any of its clients.

There are 3,000 ExpressVPN servers located in 94 countries, which brings the world to your fingertips. It also has a no-log policy, unrivaled security systems, and additional features we’ll give you an in-depth insight into in due course.

expressvpn interface


VPN Service The overall rating for Netflix US Netflix access Other Netflix Libraries Connection and Speed Compatibility with devices Customer Support
ExpressVPN 9.3 9.9 7.9 9.2 9.9 9.9
NordVPN 9.2 9.9 9.9 8.9 8.5 8.1
PrivateVPN 9.0 9.9 9.0 8.9 8.5 8.3
BlufVPN 9.1 9.9 9.0 8.9 8.5 8.2



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Unique Features of ExpressVPN 

Every VPN has to offer some basic services such as cloaking IP addresses, connecting you to external servers, and protecting your internet footprints from others. However, the services ExpressVPN offers go beyond the basics, and here are some of the features that facilitate it:


Lightway is a protocol that ExpressVPN specifically designed to give you an optimized experience. It’s an open-sourced protocol that reduces your device’s battery consumption when your VPN is on, speeds up your connection to a server, and maximizes your protection during your online activities.

In addition, Lightway keeps your connection to ExpressVPN running, even when you switch from one server to another. At the same time, if something severs your server connection, Lightway is an additional feature that keeps you protected, the other being your kill switch.

Now, the kill switch doesn’t favor iOS users, and we’ll touch more on that in subsequent sections. However, iOS users are equally protected even without access to the kill switch because of the Lightway protocol.


Here’s another protocol that keeps you protected from unauthorized entities. Not only does this feature optimize your internet speed and connection to any of the available servers, but it also exists to double your security. It’s a popular protocol among VPN providers, but even then, it has to be combined with reliable services to provide the best results.

OpenVPN transmits data through the user datagram protocol (UDP) or Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). It also uses a 256-but encryption cipher to create a tunnel between you and ExpressVPN; this is private and impenetrable by a third party.

Although speed isn’t the best feature OpenVPN has to offer9, when combined with a VPN provider that offers you an unlimited data bandwidth, there’ll be little to no difference in your internet speed.

Superior Kill Switch Feature 

Another remarkable feature ExpressVPN has is its network lock kill switch. You need one to maintain the uttermost privacy because sometimes, your device can get disconnected from your VPN provider. When this happens, you’ll automatically become exposed to whoever cares enough to pry.

However, ExpressVPN’s superior kill switch aborts your internet access when there’s any form of disruption in your connection. In addition, the network lock feature prevents access to unencrypted private data, and it’s available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Androids.

Private DNS

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and anyone can use a URL to locate your IP address on a public one. Unfortunately, this also means that anyone who cares to check can find your internet history – the sites you frequent, the ones you intend to visit, and the services you’re looking to subscribe for. That’s a lot of information, considering you don’t even know who’s looking to gain access to it.

However, with ExpressVPN, you automatically connect to a private and thoroughly encrypted DNS. Unlike many VPN providers who leave your DNS exposed, ExpressVPN users tunneling and encryption protocols to protect your DNS requests.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling is one of the features that differentiate you from internet users without a VPN provider. It directs all your internet activities through an encrypted tunnel, as its name insinuates. That way, every correspondence and activity you engage in is well protected.

Ability to Bypass Sports Blackouts

Now, this is a feature that endears ExpressVPN to sports lovers, causing them to overlook its expensive subscription plans. You see, sports blackouts are quite common in the US and other countries. It occurs when sports broadcasters and leagues decide to exclude certain geography from streaming a game.

It can be pretty frustrating, especially during much-anticipated sports seasons. So, sports lovers get to enjoy their favorite games even during these blackouts.

This exclusion also extends to other forms of entertainment – even when content isn’t available in your region, you can still access shows you enjoy. For instance, British TV shows are pretty captivating, but accessing them from the US isn’t easy unless you connect to an available server in the UK.

Incredible Internet Speed 

We used a data speed tester – speed test to check how fast ExpressVPN runs in New York, and we came up with 81 Mbps, which is barely 8% slower than your usual speed without connecting to ExpressVPN.

Features like Lightway and OpenVPN also increase your internet speed.


ExpressVPN Servers 

Nothing defeats internet freedom, well, except unlimited internet freedom, and that’s what you get when you create an account with ExpressVPN. In addition, this provider has 14 Us server locations, so users who reside outside the US have diverse options.

Overall, ExpressVPN has 3,000 servers globally, all of which exist physically. This is another amazing feature – physical servers are typically safer, faster, and designed to produce optimized services.

Expressvpn servers

How Safe are You with ExpressVPN?

While VPN providers promise you safety from prying eyes, you also have to consider your safety with them. You see, the ones that don’t offer the zero log policy take records of your activities and can even sell them to anyone who wants access.

In addition, the parent company should be located in a privacy-inclined country. There have been cases where VPN providers were mandated by courts to produce client records.

ExpressVPN’s headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands, which operates a no-data retention policy. Any company located in the British Virgin Islands is subject to the provisions of the government, and only court mandates from the Supreme Court can compel said company to provide any information.

The laws of the islands further state that before a VPN company can be compelled to produce client information by any international court, said client must be facing a “dual criminality” charge, and the punishment for the offense must not be less than a year jail term.

However, ExpressVPN can’t produce any information because it doesn’t keep records of IP addresses, traffic data, your internet history, or even DNS queries. There aren’t also records of your connection logs, timestamps, or the length of time you spend on the internet.

The only data it collects is what’s essential to provide you with the best services, which means ExpressVPN operates an absolute no-log policy.


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How Easy is Torrenting with ExpressVPN?

During torrenting activities, it’s sometimes impossible not to consume a large quantity of data, thereby obscuring network traffic. Of course, when your internet service provider notices the amount of traffic coming from your IP address, it’ll take steps to slow you down. This is called ISP throttling, and it’s illegal.

Again, you can shield yourself from the eyes of your ISP by changing your IP address, making yourself untraceable. With ExpressVPN, you can connect to any of the numerous servers; they all support torrenting on a large scale. You can also engage in P2P activities without restrictions.

In addition, while you’re torrenting large files, you don’t have to worry about your bandwidth because it’s unlimited.

ExpressVPN’s Zero Log Policy

ExpressVPN has an absolute no-log policy. As such, even if any court successfully compels this provider to produce any customer record, it won’t be able to produce more than the bare minimum.

Now, the only information this provider collects on you are the total number of data you transfer daily, the VPN server locations you frequent, the apps and versions that you successfully connect to, and the dates you turn on your VPN.

They collect this data to optimize your user experience, solve technical problems and fix network issues. Some other information they collect are speed tests, issues with connections, and many others.

It’s a good sign that ExpressVPN is open about the information they collect on their clients and what they use the information for.

You can also find out the information ExpressVPN will not collect on clients when you visit their website. However, you can’t rely on only what you see. But you can rely on the word of VPNsaver. We’ve realized through rigorous research that ExpressVPN will indeed never gather information on your IP address, the sites you’ve visited, and your traffic destination.

ExpressVPN’s Encryption Features 

VPN encryption is no walk in the park, and for it to work, the VPN provider must have put several testing mechanisms in place. But first, what’s the essence of encryption? After all, your VPN provider already shields your IP address from unauthorized access.

However, it goes beyond that – your correspondences on the internet could also be at risk of exposure, which is where encryption comes in. It’s a way to code your correspondences, giving the decryption key to authorized parties only.

Now, most VPN providers in 2022 claim to use AES 256-bit encryption, but only a few of them actualize this service. This cipher is modeled after military-grade encryption, and no one can never decrypt it without due authorization. Anyone who tries will have to go through billions of combinations before getting even a bit close to hacking the system.

Compatible Devices for ExpressVPN 

Unfortunately, not every VPN provider makes every gadget compatible for use with their services. Again, as long as you can surf the internet with a device, it can expose you to privacy breaches if you don’t take adequate caution.

So, what devices can you connect your ExpressVPN account to? Well, you can use ExpressVPN with the following gadgets:

  • MacBook.
  • iPhones.
  • iPads.
  • Routers.
  • Linux.
  • Androids.
  • PCs.

Expressvpn features

ExpressVPN is even more advanced than several other VPN services in that it’s made provisions for you to connect to a server when you’re using:

  • Chrome extension.
  • Firefox extension.
  • Edge extension.

These are additions other VPN providers have strived to achieve but failed in that regard.

ExpressVPN Streaming Accommodations 

ExpressVPN offers one of the best streaming services in the market. You can unlock all the Netflix libraries for any part of the world, particularly the US, access Disney+ from any location, bypass restrictions for Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and many other streaming services that interest you.

The best part is that there are over 3,000 servers that you can access, which makes streaming much more interesting. You can find yourself on any part of the globe, exploring their content. Of course, you’ll also pay less when you’re subscribing to some of the content in other geographical locations.

In addition, you’ll not experience buffering during your explorations, which you’ll enjoy with a fast internet connection.

Finally, did you know you can access content in China too? With ExpressVPN, you’ll be unable to relate to the complaints of other VPN users who can’t bypass the great firewall of China. Now, you can enjoy Chinese content from the comfort of your bedroom.

Gaming with ExpressVPN 

Another aspect where you need a reliable VPN is for gaming. You see, so many factors can prevent you from enjoying your game. For one, you may be unable to access the game because of geo-blocking. On the other hand, some of the best games are online, on different but inaccessible sites, or available for download on restricted platforms in your region.

But you can bypass these limitations with the right VPN – ExpressVPN. Of course, you already know about the servers; 3,000, with locations in different parts of the world.

Another area where a gamer needs a trusted VPN Service is when ISPs engage in throttling. Throttling is slowing down internet speed to control online traffic. It’s illegal, but it still happens.

Now, while you’re enjoying your game, it can be pretty disappointing to fall victim to internet throttling because it can put you on the losing side. It disrupts your network speed, and every gamer knows that speed is important for gaming. But, again, you can overcome this difficulty by acquiring ExpressVPN. Not only will you bypass ISP throttling, but you’ll also be able to access faster internet connections.


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Payment Options 

This is the 21st century, and newer payment methods are emerging. As a result, ExpressVPN is adjusting its payment plan to make provisions for these options. For instance, if you would like to make an anonymous transaction, you can pay for your account With cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, to be precise.

Other options are any viable credit card, PayPal, and other online payment options. But, again, when you pay with your credit card or the other payment options, you must be ready to accept that ExpressVPN will have to keep records of your credit card information, zip code, and sometimes, your IP address.

Let’s also explore the payment plans. Remember, ExpressVPN is one of the most expensive VPNs in the US, but you’re certainly getting value for money and exclusive treatment.

The most basic payment plan is worth $12.95 monthly. Another option is a bulk payment of $8.32 monthly when you pay for a year, and finally, $9.99 monthly when you pay for six months upfront.

Again, despite the seemingly high price, this VPN provider has one of the highest users in the US. It also offers you several discounts yearly. Alternatively, you could refer a friend for some amazing offers.

Finally, don’t forget about the money-back guarantee – you have thirty whole days to determine if you like ExpressVPN and would like to continue using that service. Otherwise, you get your money back on demand.


Customer Support

The customer support for ExpressVPN is unrivaled. When you request to speak with a representative, you’d be interested to know that you’re talking to the best in the business. They have more than enough experience and expertise to walk you through the most basic and difficult matters relating to VPN problems.

It also helps that they’re constantly available – you can reach them anytime you like. They’re also patient and can guide the least tech-savvy people through any installation process.

Our Verdict on ExpressVPN 

ExpressVPN may be the best thing to happen to online privacy seekers. It’s the number one VPN provider in the US, despite its costly subscription plans. With ExpressVPN, you have the assurance that you’re paying for quality and value for money.

In all, VPNsaver gives ExpressVPN an overall rating of 9.7 stars out of 10.0, and we arrived at that conclusion after testing the logging policy, internet speed, number of servers, torrenting capacity, and streaming services.


Head of content

We at VPNsaver care about privacy both ours and others. We dig out information and insights on VPNs and as a result, create realistic reviews. Our ambition is to make thorough news and reviews on which VPN services to use. Read our news and reviews on VPN services and find out the perfect VPN service for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a test relating to data exposure, even when you had your VPN on during the breach. However, this is an impossible occurrence when you use ExpressVPN.

The servers are located in America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. The majority of these servers are physical, with less than 3% of them being virtual.

You’re likely familiar with the Great Firewall of China, and it’s thought to be impenetrable. However, ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN services in 2022 that can work in China.

Installing ExpressVPN isn’t illegal. Using any VPN in the US is legal, and the same applies to the majority of the countries in the world. However, we don’t encourage using it to engage in illegal activities.

Kape Technologies, the owner of several other VPN services, acquired ExpressVPN in September 2021.

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