Best Cheap VPN of 2022

VPNs are essential, and most of the best VPNs require a paid subscription for you to get access to their VIP features. The good news is that there are still top VPNs with excellent features for a cheap subscription.

VPNs are essential, and most of the best VPNs require a paid subscription for you to get access to their VIP features. The good news is that there are still top VPNs with excellent features for a cheap subscription.

Many VPNs offer different forms of subscription. The typical options are the monthly plans and the yearly plans. Usually, the annual plan is cheaper. However, you have to pay the lump sum for the year at once.

VPNsaver has been able to review a lot of VPNs to find out the best cheap VPNs. Based on our findings which was decided by the subscription price and the features available, here is the list of the five best cheap VPNs:

  • Surfshark: The Surfshark is regarded as the best cheap VPN with a secured and reliable connection for only $2.49 per month. 
  • Private Internet Access: This VPN is reputable for its fast speed, even at a rate of $2.08 per month. 
  • PrivateVPN: PrivateVPN is best suited for streaming, especially for the cheap subscription rate of $1.98 per month. 
  • CyberGhost: With just $2.25 per month, the CyberGhost is safe for use and allows easy access. 
  • VyprVPN: VyprVPN is the cheapest of the top VPNs, and it only requires $1.66 per month. 

The good part about these VPNs is that, while the subscription fee is cheaper than the top VPNs, they are equally safe. They employ the use of high-end encryption tools to protect users online and provide anonymity.

Even with these budget-friendly processes, you can still have unlimited access to streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, etc. You can equally get your money back if you don’t like the service, as a lot of these VPNs also offer a money-back guarantee period.


Performance ratings for top cheap VPNs

Here is a comparison table for our top 5 selected cheap VPNs

VPN Service Overall Rating Cost Value for cost Logging policy Encryption and Enhanced Security  Connection Speed
Surfshark 9.5 9.3 9.8 9.7 9.8 8.6
PIA 9.4 9.6 9.7 9.9 8.8 8.5
PrivateVPN 9.3 9.7 9.1 9.5 9.1 8.9
CyberGhost 9.2 9.4 8.6 9.6 9.5 8.8
VyprVPN 9.1 9.8 8.5 9.9 9.4 6.3

Each of these VPNs is individually reviewed to give an insight into the function and features of the VPN, especially the cost of each one.


Review of the five best cheap VPN


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Best cheap VPN

Surfshark provides a high-speed and reliable connection which is also secured. It is a great choice when it comes to choosing VPNs at a low cost.


  • Access to more than 30 Netflix libraries
  • Super-fast connection
  • Multiple device connection
  • No logging policy


  • Slight delay to a connection server
  • Restriction on torrenting

Quality service at a reasonable price

The Surfshark VPN is reasonably priced, making it stand out among good cheap VPNs.

A two-year subscription bundle costs $2.49 each month, which is the most economical plan among the other subscription plans. Although the lump sum of 2 years must be paid in advance, it is still relatively inexpensive compared to other VPNs that serve the same function.

Despite the low subscription cost of Surfshark, it does not compromise security. This is due to the company’s location, which is out of the government’s jurisdiction, and high-end encryption tools like AES-256 and secured VPN protocols.

It makes additional streaming sites available

If you are looking for a reliable VPN for streaming, this VPN may be a good option for unrestricted streaming access. Surfshark provides access to a variety of streaming services.  US Netflix is one of the most popular and restrictive streaming platforms available, but Surfshark allows you to access many Netflix libraries. This VPN is compatible with more than 30 Netflix libraries from various countries and regions.

Surfshark is also compatible with a lot of devices like Windows, Android, iOS, etc. It also allows users to access the servers from multiple devices at the same time.


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Private Internet Access (PIA) is a top choice when looking out for cheap VPNs with a good speed.


  • Verifiable no-log policy
  • Incredible connection speed
  • Has an extensive server network of more than 10,000 servers globally
  • Good user interface


  • Location is in the US jurisdiction 
  • Poor connections within highly censored and restricted countries

Transparent security policy

It is common for many free or cheap VPNs to be dishonest about their security and no-logs policy or to contain malicious software. The PIA prioritizes privacy by carrying out an independent no-logs audit, which has verified the claims of PIA VPN.

Keeping no details of users is particularly important since the company is in the US, where the government can demand data. In addition to these, PIA VPN uses highly secured tools like encryption and internet protocol to protect users. Another feature added to it is an ad-blocker called MACE

Streaming services

PIA can grant you access to streaming platforms like US Netflix, but it is not entirely reliable when it comes to streaming. PIA is more focused on improving security and privacy features and less on streaming access.

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The private VPN is considered the cheapest VPN with excellent features that keep users safe when connected. 


  • High connection speed
  • Access to geo-restricted streaming sites
  • Allows torrenting on all servers
  • Multiple device connection


  • A smaller number of servers
  • Delayed customer support service

Enhanced security

People use VPN for online protection and privacy it gives; apart from the additional functions like streaming, you can enjoy a strong no-logs policy that safeguards your privacy and anonymity when using the Private VPN.

Private VPN provides one of the most excellent and most secure levels of security. It employs the AES-256 encryption scheme to provide total security while connected through a VPN. It also uses quite several secure protocols, such as OpenVPN with different kinds of PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP.


The firm is situated in Sweden, one of the nations that might seek data from the VPN provider. Even though the corporation does not keep logs, they keep your email and account information, which the government can request.

PrivateVPN also has a smaller number of servers when compared with other VPNs, which limits the area and location where the connection is excellent

cyberghost vpn

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CyberGhost is an easy and affordable way of enjoying premium VPN service.


  • Unlocks a lot of streaming sites, including US Netflix
  • It has quite many servers, about 7,400 in more than 91 countries.
  • Excellent customer support service
  • Protects IP addresses 


  • Has limitation in certain countries including China and Australia
  • Limited connection speeds in distant areas.

Affordable rate

With its three-year membership plan, CyberGhost offers an even better value for accessing the service. This bundle allows you to pay for three years at a monthly fee of $1.89.

The trial period and return policies make it even more appealing to users. You have a whole day to determine if you want to commit to it or not, and even if you do commit by subscribing, you have 45 days to get a refund. As a result, using CyberGhost is risk-free for new users. They also offer an excellent customer support network if you need help.

Large server networks

CyberGhost is one of the few cheap VPNs with a large number of server networks, and it has over 7,400 servers in about 91 countries. This is a big deal considering the low cost of subscriptions offered by this VPN service provider.

However, the VPN is still not suitable for bypassing areas that are censored or have internet restrictions. 


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VyprVPN offers an affordable cost for its services; the cheapness of this VPN is equally met with essential qualities.


  • Verifiable no-logs policy
  • Open access to US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Extensive server network for VPN in this category
  • Affordable subscription plan


  • It operates on a relatively low speed
  • Not compatible with browsers

Clear privacy policy

It is unusual to find low-cost VPNs like VyprVPN that are fully committed to the security and privacy of their users. This VPN service provider has a transparent policy about privacy and logging policy. VyprVPN does not collect data from you and does not share any data; an independent audit has confirmed the logs claims.

Any area the VPN lacks quality makes up for it with security and privacy policy protecting the users with an anonymous IP address.

A large number of IP address

Another excellent feature of the VyprVPN is the number of IP addresses it has. Even with the extremely cheap subscription fee, you can access 300,000 different IP addresses in about 70 locations. The connections are reliable, although as expected, the connections are sometimes slow depending on the server’s location and that of the user.

The servers are strong enough to block off a couple of geo-restriction. With VyprVPN, you can now have access to US Netflix and a couple of other streaming platforms.

How to get the best VPN for a low price

VPNs are generally pricier if the subscription plan is monthly. For a reduced price, it is recommended to go for a more extended period of subscription. Longer subscription plans generally come at a lower cost making them cheaper.

The typical duration for top VPNs apart from the monthly plan is the annual or 2-3 years plan. The trick to it is that the longer the subscription plan, the lesser the cost that comes with it; you can reduce your cost drastically by just subscribing for longer.

Here are a few ways you can get more low prices from the use of premium VPNs:

Free trials

Most VPNs allow potential subscribers to test their services before committing to a subscription plan. The trial period varies from one VPN service provider to another, and it can be as short as one day and as long as 30 days. This period allows you to use free premium service and decide if you will make a financial commitment to the service.

Money-back guarantees

Even if you commit to any VPN, you can still withdraw from it and get your full refund as long as you do it within a particular time frame. Most VPNs have their money-back guarantee period of as long as 45 days, but in most cases, it is usually 30 days, although it comes with conditions that must be met.

Are VPNs worth paying for

Many people wonder if it is worth paying for a VPN and might be confused about the need to. VPNs are more critical with the rapid increase in digital technology; you need to protect your online identity and privacy. VPNs do a great job in keeping your presence secure when connected to the internet, and they do this by shielding your IP address and making it untraceable.

To access the full service of these VPNs, you need to subscribe to any of their plans, either short-term plans or longer ones. 

You do not have to go for the most expensive ones; that is why VPNsaver has put together the best VPN list for low prices. The cheap VPNs also do a great job in keeping internet users safe and anonymous.

However, some cheap VPNs are equally slow and do not have as many features as expensive ones. Nevertheless, it is better to go for an excellent cheap VPN rather than be prone to danger from using the internet. 

Free VPNs

There are a lot of VPNs that claim that their services are completely free. While such claims exist, it is dangerous to make use of such VPNs. Most free VPNs are malicious and can put you in danger by not protecting your IP address, keeping tabs on your online activity, and leaking sensitive data.

Apart from the harm they pose, they are also slow with unreliable connections, and you might also not be able to bypass blocked streaming platforms. These features are available even to a cheap VPN premium subscription, and it is advisable to go for a cheap subscription plan rather than using a free VPN.

How do we determine the best cheap VPNs

To determine the best cheap VPNs, we had to review many factors, especially the cost and features of each VPN or how well it can perform underuse.

Each VPN tested and reviewed was rated under each category, and a compilation of their performance rating was done to determine the best cheap VPN. The broad areas used in ranking the list of VPNs include:


This is one of the most important factors that determine a cheap VPN. Expensive VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN go for about $10 per month or even higher. For our review, we only considered VPNs that are lower than $3 per month. The price for this is usually calculated from a more extended period of subscription like the annual plans.

For this review, all VPNs lesser than $3 were considered and were matched with the value for the cost and additional features to enable us to get a list of the top VPNs.

Logging policy

This is non-negotiable for a VPN to be considered a good VPN; it needs an effective logging policy. It is not enough for it to be listed that they have a no-logging policy; it must also be proven beyond measure.

This is an equally vital factor to consider after the cost to create this list. The VPNs we have listed as best VPNs have a zero no-logs policy for all their servers. VPN service providers located in areas not under government jurisdiction are much safer, and VPNs that have carried out an independent audit about their logging policies are more reliable.

Encryption and enhanced security

Every basic VPN should have a sufficient level of security and encryption protection. To be on the safe side, the minimum encryption tool we consider before a VPN can be regarded as good is the AES-256 encryption tool with OpenVPN protocol. However, more VPNs can offer multiple protocols to support the encryption tool and make it safer.

Safe protocols like WireGuard, IKEv2 provide more reliable protection for VPN users. Best VPNs also have a kill switch that shuts off your internet connection whenever a breach in the VPN connection is noticed. 

Connection speed

All VPNs, even the expensive ones, lose speed after connection, and it might be more of an issue for cheap VPNs. But this should not be the case; the loss in speed of a good cheap VPN should be barely noticeable compared to that of the top VPNs.

The recommended speed for a good VPN should be at a minimum of 60Mbps for the local connection; the higher the connection speed, the better the experience the VPN can provide.

The point of using a good VPN with a high connection speed is to enjoy streaming platforms while streaming shows at the HD quality level.

Value for cost

Every good VPN should have great worth for whatever cost the subscription is; performance and features are some of the things that justify the cost of a VPN subscription.

Even for cheap VPNs, they need to deliver value for whatever cost is being charged. The primary value expected of any VPN is security and privacy; it should provide a no-logs policy.

Other features that matter is the streaming quality and the number of streaming platforms that can be accessed. Also, the number of devices that can be allowed simultaneously.


What we consider as a cheap VPN is the cost of a subscription and the features of the VPN. From our review, VyprVPN is the cheapest VPN with just $1.66 per month for a three-year subscription. This price is lesser than any other offer you will get for a good VPN.
This is not the only thing that makes it cheap, and it also comes with excellent features that make it worth the cost. It has high-level AES-256 encryption with a reliable privacy policy.
Although there might be VPNs that suggest even lower prices than VyprVPN, you need to be cautious to avoid malicious VPNs.

Alongside the cost of a subscription for a VPN, you might also want to consider the speed. Connection speed reduces after every VPN connection, but the feature of a good VPN is to make the reduction of speed almost unnoticeable.
Even cheap VPNs need to sustain the connection speed as no one wants to be stuck with a prolonged network. From our review, PrivateVPN came off as the cheapest VPN with the fastest connection speed, and we recorded a download speed of about 94Mbps which is as fast as a regular internet connection without a VPN.

There is no fixed price for a VPN subscription; there are expensive subscription plans and cheap VPNs. An average subscription for a month is about $10, which might be expensive for many people.
The other way of having a cheaper VPN is by subscribing for longer terms, like a year or three. These types of extended plans came with a reduced cost for as low as $3 per month.
We consider VPNs cheaper than $3 per month as cheap VPNs, and some carry out the needed purpose.