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Your traffic is tunneled and encrypted through a secondary server using a Virtual Private Network. One of the most important reasons to use a VPN is to keep your data safe and secure. However, not all VPNs are capable of completing the work. Many people are vulnerable to the disclosure of personally identifiable information. Some even log and keep personally identifiable information, which they may share with third parties such as advertisers or government agencies. 

How Do We Know a VPN’s Privacy Game is Top-notch?

There are a few key characteristics to look for in the most secure VPN. 

  • To begin, think about where your VPN is located; those in the United States and much of Europe, for example, are subject to data retention rules, but there are exceptions. 
  • You should also ensure that it has a strict no-logging policy. That means no logs of how you use the VPN are retained, and they won’t be available to hand up if someone asks for them. 
  • It’s also important to think about your payment options: can your VPN take Bitcoin or even cash, or do you have to use PayPal? 
  • Finally, almost all VPNs require you to use an email, but you can keep it private and untraceable if you use a secure email provider like ProtonMail

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After considering all of those factors, ExpressVPN came up as the most private VPN available today. It makes no compromises in terms of privacy or usability, and it has a rock-solid and fully audited no-logging policy that has been proven in practice.

Highlighting the Best Privacy VPNs

Before we go into details, let’s highlight the top VPNs to use when considering privacy as a major factor. These VPNs include:

ExpressVPN is an excellent alternative to keep your data and browse privately from Google’s trackers, Facebook’s algorithms, and data harvesters. You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee, plus three months of free service. 

NordVPN’s entire premise is privacy, and it’s an effective way to keep your personal information completely hidden. In addition, you’ll have wonderful apps for various devices, a large number of servers to pick from, and it’s not too expensive. 

If the two options above are too expensive, Surfshark is a good alternative. While not as customisable as Express, Surfshark provides all of the essentials and more for less than $2.50 per month. 


This VPN is situated in Panama, where there are no data retention rules, and it’s been independently examined to show that it doesn’t maintain any logs. 256-bit AES encryption over the OpenVPN protocol, SHA384 authentication, and perfect forward secrecy are among the security features offered by NordVPN. Except for the Android version, all apps have a kill switch. When activated, this will disconnect your internet connection if your VPN connection is lost. You’ll also be safe from WebRTC, IPv6 leaks, and DNS.

You have plenty of options for a secure and private connection with over 5,600 servers in 60 countries. NordVPN offers fast viewing speeds and can unblock the most popular streaming services, including Netflix UK and US (and other libraries), Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu. P2P is permitted on a limited number of servers, and the service is generally reliable in China. 

Apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android are available from NordVPN. In addition, the VPN can be set up to connect to certain home routers. Live-chat help is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


  • There are no logs kept at all, and there are a lot of extra security features. 


  • Extremely high rates 


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Surfshark is my first choice for a low-cost option. It’s newer than the others on this list, but it’s already built a name for itself as a very secure and fast VPN. It’s situated in the British Virgin Islands and doesn’t keep any logs. This provider keeps your data safe with 256-bit AES encryption, SHA512 authentication, complete forward secrecy, a kill switch on all apps, and security against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 leaks. Whitelist, a split tunneling option, and CleanWeb, an adblocker, are other features. 

Mobile applications are readily available for iOS and Android, and desktop versions are accessible for Windows and macOS. Under one package, you can connect an infinite number of devices. If you have any problems, you can always contact live-chat customer service. 


  • It comes with a slew of security features. 
  • Employed in China 
  • There are no logs, and the number of simultaneous connections is unlimited. 


  • Support isn’t as solid as it is for some of their competitors. 


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This VPN is located in the Virgin Islands, and it has a strict policy of not logging any data that can be used to identify individual users. By default, this provider uses 256-bit AES encryption with HMAC authentication and perfect forward secrecy via the OpenVPN protocol. ExpressVPN’s desktop apps have a “network lock,” ExpressVPN’s word for a kill switch. Built-in security against DNS, WebRTC, and IPv6 breaches further protects your data’s privacy. 

Because ExpressVPN runs its DNS servers, no one else can see what you’re doing. It offers an onion site that can be accessed via the Tor browser, and users may pay with bitcoin for even more anonymity. Torrenting is permitted on all of the company’s servers. Certain metadata logs are kept, such as a date stamp and server location, but nothing can be used to link activity to a specific user. ExpressVPN’s “TrustedServer” technique ensures that no data is unintentionally stored. This feature implies that servers run on RAM rather than writing to the hard drive, which means that every reboot wipes all data. 

Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS are available, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Do you want to secure all of your home’s internet-connected devices? ExpressVPN works with various routers and even has its simple custom firmware. 


  • User-identifiable information is not logged. 
  • Leak protection and strong encryption 
  • High-speed operations 


  • It’s a tad more pricey than some of its competitors. 



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Overall, we think ExpressVPN (opens in a new tab) is the most secure VPN available. It’s perfect for streaming, being anonymous, having many servers, and having fast connection rates. 

However, NordVPN, which has a very similar feature set for a little less money (opens in a new tab), is close behind, and Surfshark, which is available for less than $2.50 a month, is a terrific discount choice (opens in new tab). 

When you sign up for a VPN, you’re simply shifting who you show your data to from a party you don’t trust to the one you do. Can you, however, put your trust in VPNs? 

Nothing should be taken at face value. Although knowing as much as possible about a VPN service, such as who owns it, who manages it, and where it’s headquartered, is beneficial, if you’re truly concerned about your privacy, you’ll want to offer your VPN provider as little information about yourself as possible. That means looking for a service that allows you to make anonymous payments or doesn’t require an email address. 

While many websites require an email address, if you’re serious about remaining anonymous, you may join up for a free, secure email service like ProtonMail. You won’t have to associate your name with your VPN this way. 

A private VPN should be a top priority if you don’t want the government or your ISP eavesdropping on your activities and want to avoid hackers and trackers. 

That’s not incriminating either; why should we have to conduct all of our work and leisure activities in full view of the public? Consider a private VPN to be the shutters on your computer’s windows, similar to how we close our curtains at home when we desire privacy. 

Thankfully, even if you’re looking for a fast VPN, you won’t have to make any compromises. The best private VPN will be able to take care of everything for you. 

Last Thoughts 

For the most part, home networks are known to be safer against hackers attempting to steal our data than public wifi hotspots. Hackers aren’t the only ones interested in our online activity. The US Congress has given Internet Service Providers (ISPs) permission to sell their customers’ surfing data. Your internet provider could be sniffing through your browsing history, looking for information to sell. While a VPN won’t prevent your ISP from doing so, it will make it much more difficult for anyone to link your internet activity to you and your devices. A VPN is required even at home if you want to protect yourself from ISP-prying eyes to address the question. 

At home, VPNs can be used for another purpose: entertainment. Some VPNs let you access websites that are prohibited in your nation and digital content that isn’t available in your area. One popular example is watching shows from other Netflix libraries, which leads us to the next question.


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